Empowering and Inspiring: Unveiling TV’s Top-notch Female Characters in 2021

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Best Female Characters On Tv Right Now

The best female characters on TV right now are strong, complex, and inspiring. From superheroes to detectives, they’re breaking barriers and captivating audiences.

When it comes to captivating television characters, the small screen has been graced with an impressive array of talented women who have stolen our hearts and commanded our attention. From fierce and independent heroines to complex and multifaceted individuals, these female characters have become icons in their own right. In the midst of a golden age of television, there is no shortage of remarkable women making their mark on the screen, captivating viewers with their strength, vulnerability, and resilience. Let us explore some of the best female characters on TV right now, and delve into their compelling stories that have enthralled audiences worldwide.


The Rise of Powerful Female Characters on TV

Television has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, and one of the most exciting developments is the rise of powerful and complex female characters. Gone are the days when women were relegated to supporting roles or stereotypical archetypes. Today, we are witnessing an era where women are taking center stage, driving the narrative, and captivating audiences like never before. Here, we explore some of the best female characters on TV right now who are breaking boundaries and redefining traditional gender roles.

1. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones


In HBO’s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke portrays the formidable Daenerys Targaryen. As the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys rises from being an exiled princess to a powerful queen, commanding armies and conquering nations. Her journey showcases her strength, determination, and unwavering belief in justice. Daenerys challenges societal expectations and proves that women can lead with power and grace.

2. Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place


In the critically acclaimed sitcom The Good Place, Kristen Bell portrays Eleanor Shellstrop, a flawed and morally ambiguous character who finds herself in the afterlife. Despite her initial self-centeredness, Eleanor learns the value of personal growth, friendship, and sacrifice. She challenges societal expectations by defying traditional notions of what it means to be good and shows that redemption is possible for anyone.

3. Villanelle from Killing Eve


Jodie Comer’s portrayal of Villanelle in Killing Eve has captivated audiences around the world. Villanelle is a highly skilled, unpredictable assassin who leads a double life. Her character breaks the mold of traditional female villains, challenging the notion that women must be morally upright or passive. Villanelle’s complex personality and fierce independence make her one of the most fascinating characters on television today.

4. June Osborne from The Handmaid’s Tale


Elisabeth Moss brings June Osborne to life in the dystopian drama series The Handmaid’s Tale. June is a resilient woman who fights against a totalitarian regime that enslaves women for reproductive purposes. Her character embodies strength, resilience, and rebellion against oppression. June’s journey inspires viewers and serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of fighting for justice and equality.

5. Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder


Viola Davis delivers a powerhouse performance as Annalise Keating in How to Get Away with Murder. Keating is a brilliant criminal defense attorney and law professor who navigates her way through complex cases while battling her own demons. Her character defies stereotypes and showcases the complexities of a strong, ambitious woman who refuses to be defined by societal expectations.

6. Ruth Langmore from Ozark


In the crime drama series Ozark, Julia Garner portrays Ruth Langmore, a young woman entangled in a world of drugs and organized crime. Ruth’s intelligence, resilience, and determination set her apart from other female characters. Despite facing numerous challenges, she constantly strives to take control of her own destiny, proving that women can thrive even in the darkest of circumstances.

7. Rebecca Pearson from This Is Us


Mandy Moore portrays Rebecca Pearson, a loving mother and wife in the heartwarming drama series This Is Us. Through her character, Moore explores the complexities of motherhood, marriage, and personal growth. Rebecca’s journey showcases the strength and resilience of women as they navigate the challenges of life, making her a relatable and inspiring character for many viewers.

8. Elizabeth Jennings from The Americans


Keri Russell brings Elizabeth Jennings to life in the espionage thriller series The Americans. Elizabeth is a highly trained KGB spy posing as an American citizen during the Cold War. Her character challenges gender norms and showcases the strength and determination required to fulfill her duties as a spy while balancing her roles as a wife and mother.

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9. Dolores Abernathy from Westworld


Evan Rachel Wood portrays Dolores Abernathy, an android host in the science fiction series Westworld. Throughout the series, Dolores evolves from a submissive character into a powerful force seeking freedom and justice. Her journey explores themes of consciousness, autonomy, and the fight against oppression, making her one of the most compelling female characters on TV today.

10. Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek


In the comedy series Schitt’s Creek, Catherine O’Hara portrays the eccentric and flamboyant Moira Rose. Moira’s character defies traditional expectations of middle-aged women, showcasing her unique fashion sense, wit, and unapologetic personality. She reminds us that it’s never too late to reinvent ourselves and embrace our true selves, regardless of societal norms.


The emergence of these powerful female characters on TV represents a significant shift in the portrayal of women in popular culture. These characters challenge gender stereotypes, showcase resilience and strength, and inspire viewers around the world. As television continues to evolve, it is crucial that diverse and empowering female characters remain at the forefront, allowing audiences to connect with their stories and be inspired by their journeys.

Best Female Characters On TV Right Now

In the realm of television, there are numerous female characters who embody strength, intelligence, and unyielding determination. These women captivate audiences with their multi-dimensional traits and compelling storylines. From complex characters with strong personalities to inspirational figures that break stereotypes, television is showcasing a diverse range of female characters that empower viewers and challenge societal norms.

Complex Characters with Strong Personalities

Television has introduced a new wave of female characters with complex personalities. These women are not defined by a single trait; instead, they possess a multitude of qualities that make them intriguing and relatable. They navigate through life with intelligence, wit, and a fierce determination to achieve their goals. From ambitious career women to flawed but resilient individuals, these characters offer a refreshing depth that resonates with viewers.

Inspirational Characters that Break Stereotypes

Gone are the days when female characters on television were limited to traditional gender roles. The current landscape of TV shows features an array of women who challenge stereotypes and redefine what it means to be a woman in society. These characters inspire viewers to question societal expectations and embrace their true selves. Whether it’s a rebel with a cause or a strong-willed leader, these women encourage individuals to break free from the confines of gender norms and live authentically.

Unforgettable Heroes that Empower

Television’s best female characters often take on the role of heroes, fighting for justice and empowering others. From fearless crime fighters to resilient leaders, these women exemplify unwavering courage and inspire audiences to stand up against injustice. Their journeys serve as a reminder that anyone can make a difference, regardless of their gender. These heroines showcase the importance of perseverance and the strength found within oneself.

Nuanced Characters who Overcome Adversity

Television presents audiences with female characters who face adversity head-on, navigating their way through complex and challenging situations. These women demonstrate resilience, determination, and the ability to learn and grow from their experiences. Their stories shed light on the struggles faced by women in various aspects of life, whether it’s in their personal relationships, careers, or society as a whole. Through their triumphs and setbacks, these characters inspire viewers to persevere and overcome their own obstacles.

Authentic Portrayals of Women’s Relationships

TV offers a diverse portrayal of the relationships women have with one another, showcasing friendships, sisterhood, and mentorship. These authentic portrayals challenge traditional narratives and highlight the strength and support found in female bonds. Whether it’s the unwavering loyalty between friends or the guidance provided by a mentor, these relationships emphasize the importance of female solidarity and the power that comes from uplifting one another.

Flawed Characters that Resonate

The best female characters on TV are not always perfect; they possess flaws that make them relatable and human. These flaws add depth to their characters and allow audiences to empathize with their struggles, forging a deeper connection with their stories. Whether it’s battling inner demons or grappling with insecurities, these flawed characters remind viewers that imperfections are a part of the human experience. By showcasing vulnerability, they encourage self-acceptance and growth.

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Multi-Talented Performances

The finest female characters on television are brought to life by talented actresses who deliver standout performances. These actresses skillfully convey the complexities of their characters, ensuring that viewers are fully immersed in their stories. Their nuanced portrayals capture the essence of the characters, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. Through their exceptional acting abilities, these actresses elevate the quality of storytelling and bring authenticity to the screen.

Characters that Drive Social Change

In recent years, television has become a platform for discussing important social issues, and female characters are at the forefront of this movement. These characters use their influence to raise awareness, challenge systems, and instigate positive change. Whether it’s addressing gender inequality, racial discrimination, or LGBTQ+ rights, these women serve as catalysts for social progress. By highlighting these issues through their stories, they inspire viewers to actively participate in creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Compelling Storylines that Tackle Relevant Themes

TV’s best female characters are often at the center of powerful storylines that tackle timely and relevant themes. From exploring the complexities of mental health to shedding light on the struggles of marginalized communities, these characters immerse viewers in thought-provoking narratives that encourage reflection and discussion. Through their stories, viewers gain a greater understanding of societal issues and are motivated to advocate for change.

Role Models for the Next Generation

The best female characters on TV today serve as role models for young girls and women everywhere. Through their strength, resilience, and determination, they inspire a generation to break barriers, pursue their dreams, and forge their own paths. These characters teach invaluable life lessons about perseverance, self-belief, and the importance of staying true to oneself. By witnessing these empowering women onscreen, young girls are encouraged to embrace their potential and strive for greatness.

In conclusion, the current landscape of television offers a rich tapestry of female characters who defy stereotypes and empower viewers. Through their complex personalities, inspirational journeys, and unforgettable performances, these women challenge societal norms and ignite conversations about important social issues. They serve as beacons of strength, resilience, and authenticity, providing much-needed representation and inspiring the next generation of women to embrace their true potential.

When it comes to the best female characters on TV right now, there is no shortage of strong and inspiring women gracing our screens. These characters have captivated audiences with their complex personalities, compelling storylines, and relatable struggles. Here are a few standout female characters that have become fan favorites:

  1. Olivia Pope from Scandal:
  2. Olivia Pope, portrayed by Kerry Washington, is a powerhouse character known for her intelligence, determination, and unwavering confidence. As a crisis manager, she fearlessly tackles political scandals while navigating her own personal challenges. Olivia’s resilience and ability to command any room she enters make her a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Eleven from Stranger Things:
  4. Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, has quickly become an iconic female character. Despite her young age, she possesses incredible telekinetic powers and is fiercely protective of her friends. Eleven’s vulnerability and strength make her a relatable and admirable character, capturing the hearts of viewers around the world.

  5. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones:
  6. Daenerys Targaryen, portrayed by Emilia Clarke, is a queen with a fiery spirit. Throughout the series, she evolves from a timid girl into a confident leader, commanding armies and dragons alike. Daenerys’ determination to break free from societal constraints and fight for justice has made her an unforgettable character.

  7. Elizabeth Jennings from The Americans:
  8. Elizabeth Jennings, played by Keri Russell, is a complex character living a double life as a Soviet spy. She navigates the challenges of espionage while maintaining her role as a wife and mother. Elizabeth’s strength, resilience, and unwavering loyalty to her cause make her a formidable and captivating character.

  9. Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder:
  10. Annalise Keating, portrayed by Viola Davis, is a brilliant criminal defense attorney and law professor. She is unapologetically fierce, navigating a web of lies, secrets, and murder mysteries. Annalise’s complexity and vulnerability have made her a groundbreaking character, breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes.

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These female characters serve as empowering role models, challenging traditional gender norms and showcasing the strength and resilience of women in various contexts. Their stories not only entertain but also inspire viewers to embrace their own power and agency.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our blog post on the Best Female Characters on TV Right Now. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights into the incredible female characters that are captivating audiences across various television shows. From their complex personalities to their remarkable storylines, these women have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on viewers worldwide.

As we have discussed, the representation of strong and diverse female characters on TV has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days when women were simply portrayed as sidekicks or love interests. Today, they are front and center, driving the narrative forward with their strength, intelligence, and resilience. These characters serve as powerful role models, inspiring individuals of all genders to break barriers and challenge societal norms.

From the witty and resourceful detective to the fearless warrior, each character brings a unique perspective and adds depth to the stories they inhabit. They navigate through complex moral dilemmas, overcome personal struggles, and demonstrate unwavering determination in the face of adversity. These characters remind us that strength comes in many forms and that women are just as capable of shaping their destinies as their male counterparts.

Whether you prefer dramas, comedies, or action-packed adventures, there is no shortage of exceptional female characters to choose from. We encourage you to continue exploring the diverse range of shows available today and discover even more remarkable women who are making their mark on the small screen.

Thank you once again for joining us on this exploration of the Best Female Characters on TV Right Now. We hope you found this article informative and insightful. Stay tuned for more exciting content in the future!

People also ask about the best female characters on TV right now:

  1. Who are some of the most dynamic female characters on current television shows?
  2. Which TV series feature strong and empowering female leads?
  3. What are some of the most popular female characters on TV at the moment?


  1. Some of the most dynamic female characters on current television shows include:
    • Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones: Known for her determination, resilience, and fierce leadership skills.
    • Eleven from Stranger Things: A young girl with supernatural abilities who exhibits both vulnerability and strength.
    • Olivia Pope from Scandal: A powerful crisis manager who is intelligent, strategic, and unapologetically ambitious.
    • Villanelle from Killing Eve: A highly skilled assassin with a complex personality that blends charm, wit, and unpredictability.
  2. TV series that feature strong and empowering female leads:
    • Killing Eve: Centers around the cat-and-mouse game between the assassin Villanelle and the intelligence agent Eve Polastri.
    • The Handmaid’s Tale: Depicts the struggles of Offred, a woman living in a dystopian society where women are oppressed.
    • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Follows the journey of Miriam Midge Maisel, a stand-up comedian in the 1950s, as she defies societal norms.
    • Big Little Lies: Portrays the lives of a group of women who become embroiled in a murder investigation while dealing with personal issues.
  3. Some of the most popular female characters on TV at the moment:
    • Eleven from Stranger Things: Her innocent yet powerful character has captured the hearts of many viewers.
    • Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones: Known for her iconic dragons and her journey from a vulnerable princess to a powerful queen.
    • Olivia Benson from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: A strong and compassionate detective who fights for justice for victims of sexual crimes.
    • Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale: A complex character who navigates her way through family drama and personal struggles.

These are just a few examples of the best female characters on TV right now. Each of these characters brings their own unique qualities and stories, captivating audiences worldwide.

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